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from waves of fierce enemies

Defend Vulcan City from hordes of enemies in this wave-based 3D game, inspired by Greco-Roman mythology. Choose your character, get the right weapons to win the war and become the hero Vulcan is waiting for.

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“The new builds are coming in one after another, I love it!”

“I like the new monsters, super fun to play”

“I was really impressed with all the improvements compared with previous versions”

Vulcan's creed features


Charge into Battle

Vulcan’s Creed adapts to your skill level, with the difficulty increasing with each wave of monsters you destroy. Battle your way through hordes of Gorgons, Harpies, Giants and more as one of our two Hero characters.

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Earn epic rewards

Clear each wave of monsters and get rewarded. Upgrade your armory, unlock more locations with your hard-earned coins. You'll also accumulate XP which can bring extra benefits such as earning blockchain tokens.

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Master Powerful Weapons

You can select up to 3 different weapons to face your enemies with. With their own unique stats, including damage, reload time, speed and damage per second, choosing wisely will be the key to victory!

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The Power of Vulcan at your Fingertips

You need games you can just pick up and play on the go that are actually fun. Vulcan’s Creed is taking exciting mobile gameplay to the next level. Available now on both the Apple Store and the Google Play Store, you’ll be ready to defend Vulcan City anytime, anywhere.